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Ultra Low Power Consumption EEPROM Solution for Portable Wearable Devices


Ultra Low Power Consumption EEPROM Solution for Portable Wearable Devices

At present, wearable devices has become one of the hottest topics in science and technology industry. It seems that wearable devices are penetrating our daily lives everywhere, smart watches, smart glasses, smart wristbands and intelligent helmets all popping up. Apart from smart phones and tablets, wearable devices become one of the digital products worth waiting. The launches of Google glasses and Samsung Galaxy Gear have both raised people’s interest.

As wearable devices market is booming, various solutions for wearable devices come out. In order to be wearable, the device should be tiny. Therefore, the chips inside should be highly integrated and small in volume. For wearable devices, battery life also plays a great role. Therefore, whether power consumption of the chip is low or not is very important to wearable devices.

In current solutions for wearable devices, MCU, sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, power management and memory chips have all become indispensible components and main chip manufacturers have launched low power consumption and high performance chips to meet market requirement. In wearable devices, in order to record key data such as step data, sleep monitoring data, sensor data and Bluetooth pairing code, high density memory chips are necessary. As data in wearable devices need to be constantly updated, it has strict requirement on endurance of memory chips. Compared with flash, EEPROM has more advantage in endurance. Smaller size and relatively lower operation current make EEPROM the first choice for memory solutions in wearable devices.

In order to meet wearable devices market requirements, Giantec Semiconductor, one of the world-famous memory chip manufactures, launched ultra low power consumption and tiny-sized EEPROM products based on most advanced processing platform. Standby power consumption can be lower than 200nA and maximum working current is only 300uA. Ultra low power consumption and working current improves battery utilization rate, battery using time and battery life, while ultra tiny size meets small space requirement of wearable devices. What’s more, Giantec Semiconductor EEPROM products can be erased and written over 1 million times and data can be stored for over 100 years, which largely enhances competitiveness.

Giantec Semiconductor high density EEPROM has become first choice for wearable devices manufactured by 360 and Alibaba due to its outstanding performance and ultra low power consumption. The picture on the right side shows a smart wristband solution with Giantec 512K ultra low power consumption EEPROM and Dialog DA14580. This solution has been shipped over 500K units.

Bo Jin, President of Giantec Semiconductor, believes that apart from low power consumption, low supply voltage will also become the chip designing trend for wearable devices. Giantec Semiconductor will plan for next generation EEPROM product with low supply voltage in advance and has launched GTag and GEETag products in order to meet various market requirements.

About Giantec Semiconductor

Giantec Semiconductor is a leading IC designing company dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and selling of high-performance and high-quality analog and digital integrated circuit products. Giantec Semiconductor spun off from ISSI(Integrated Silicon Solution,Inc.) in 2010 and merged with Maxllent Corporation in 2011. Giantec Semiconductor ranks sixth among all EEPROM providers worldwide and is also a top 30 IC designing company in China. Giantec Semiconductor aims not only to be a provider on EEPROM, smart card, Lens Driver and OPA but also a worldwide leading chip solution provider.

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