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NOR Flash


  NOR Flash is a storage device that is a type of non volatile memory that can maintain stored information even after a power outage. Compared to another type of nonvolatile memory, NAND Flash, NOR Flash has faster read speed, longer lifespan, but is also more expensive.

  The structure of NOR Flash is similar to traditional ROM (Read Only Memory), but unlike ROM, the data stored in NOR Flash can be written and erased multiple times. The storage unit of NOR Flash is byte by byte, and each byte can be accessed through an address.

  Due to its faster reading speed than NAND Flash, NOR Flash is typically used for applications that require fast reading, such as program code storage and firmware upgrades in embedded systems. Meanwhile, NOR Flash has a longer lifespan than NAND Flash, making it suitable for applications that require higher reliability, such as aerospace and medical devices.

  It should be noted that the erase operation of NOR Flash is relatively slow, so it is necessary to plan the time and frequency of the erase operation reasonably when using it to avoid affecting system performance. In addition, due to the high price of NOR Flash, other storage devices such as NAND Flash can be considered in some application scenarios to reduce costs.


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